"we make ... you ride"


"we make... you ride" is the slogan, our deep desire, and we take it serious. Surfing is what you should do, and we want to help you to make it it more and better. With board repair, second hand sale, surfboard rent, adapted board advice, beginner or advanced surf school... we do it all.

"we make.... you all ride". For somebody it could be to repair the ding on his surfboard, to find the right surfboard, the adapted fin. For another surfer it could be that he needs a place to store the surfboard safely... we do it all.

We are there for you riders, if pro surfer or just 1 wave ridden. If you are religious single fin longboarder or a no future shortboard ripper, your board wants us, sooner or later, the way we do the ding-repair on your surfboard is fully dependent on your lifestyle. Some want the quick ding repair, others want the tinted polish finish board repair and we are able to adapt price and quality to your needs. The same rule we apply to find for you the right surfboard. We are good in surfboard sale, but not like others. In contrast to another surf-shop, our aim is not to sell you the most expensive second surfboard, because our boards are all second hand, and as they belong to the owner til they get sold, we gain on every board the same amount of money, that's 40 euro.It doesn't matter if you take the most expensive or the first price second hand surfboard. We adapt on your needs, even to rent a surfboard. We have beginner and performance boards, foam , shortboards or longboards, we have winter-wetsuits summer-wetsuits to rent.